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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are liquid substances which are extracted from flowers, grasses, leaves, fruits, roots and treas.

Can EOL oils be used internally?

Many people use essential oils internally for self-medication; however, as we are not licensed aromatherapists, we cannot recommend internal use. We don’t know what medications, quantities or allergies you might have and as such cannot make recommendation on internal use. Our customers and their health are our top priority.

Our essential oil are labeled “for external use” for our own liability. As essential oils are highly concentrated, they should only be taken internally when under the guidance of a health care professional who is trained in aromatherapy.

Does EOL test on animals?

No, absolutely not. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our essential oils are sourced from sustainable farms that meet our strict ethical standards.

Do EOL essential oils contain any pesticides?

All EOL essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, with no additives, chemicals or fillers. No pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMO’s, or harmful chemicals (like fertilizers) are used during the growing and distillation processes.

What is the shelf life of EOL essential oils?

Typically, an essential oil has a shelf life of between 2-5 years. The majority of our oils have a shelf life of 3 years, when stored in a cool, dark place.

How do I store my essential oils?

Store your EOL essential oils in a cool, dark and dry place. Also be sure to keep bottle caps screwed on tightly as oxygen can alter the oils.

Are essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?

While it is very important to consult with a physician and/or certified aromatherapist before using any essential oil during pregnancy, it is generally known that frankincense, lavender, lemon, ylang ylang and bergamot are safe to use.